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Distilled glycerin

Glycerin is produced in the production of biodiesel.
In addition, it is also obtained by hydrolysis of fats and as one of the products of glucose fermentation.Glycerin can also be obtained synthetically from propylene.

In ORLEN Południe, a high-class purification plant produces a product of two purity grades: technical glycerin and distilled glycerin.

The crude alkaline glycerin obtained in the production of biodiesel (fatty acid methyl esters) is neutralized with sulfuric acid and subjected to the process of separating free fatty acids, potassium sulphate, unreacted methanol and water.
Technical glycerin is subjected to rectification (under reduced pressure) and adsorption on active carbon in order to purifing and obtaining distilled glycerin.
A high-quality rectification plant allows us to obtain glycerin with a concentration of over 99.5%.


  • production of explosives,
  • production of polyols,
  • for technical applications (process fluids, paints, varnishes, solvents, manometers),
  • household chemistry



  • sales car cisterns
  • the product is not governed by RID and ADR regulations regarding the carriage of dangerous goods
  • car cisterns must hold a washing certificate,
  • at Client’s request: the product can be poured to packaging unit provided by the Client (flexitank, mauzer)
  • loading: from the top
  • loading: from Monday to Friday, from 7.00 a.m. to 1.30 p.m. and from 2.15 p.m. to 4.00 p.m.
  • Loading place: the Bio Terminal
  • Product CN code: 2905 45 00




​Required parameters
​Density at 20°C, [g/cm3]

​Glycerin content, [%(m/m)]

​Color, Hazen

​Sulfated ash content, [%(m/m)]

​Water content, [%(m/m)]

Refractive index

​1,460 – 1,475
​Chlorides, [ppm]

​Acidity, [volume of NaOH consumed in ml]

​Halogenderivative content, [ppm]

​Ester content,[volume of HCl consumed in ml]
​8,0 – 10,0

​Heavy metal content, [ppm]

​Aldehyde content, [ppm]



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