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Work standards
Both ORLEN Południe S.A. and the entire Capital Group have developed and implemented an occupational health and safety management system and pertinent safety standards. ORLEN Południe is classified as a company exhibiting high risk of severe industrial breakdown. The Environmental Protection Law obligates such companies to develop, implement and maintain a process safety system and to hold and verify a Breakdown prevention program, a Safety report and an Internal emergency plan. The basic elements of the documents developed and registered by the Company are the assessment of process risks causing a high risk of severe breakdowns, potential breakdown scenarios and applicable procedures. A Safety report constitutes a declaration of conformity, in which the manager of the plant presents the principles of functioning of the safety management system and documents the company’s preparedness, i.e. the powers and the technical, organizational, procedural, HR and financial measures held and ready to effectively prevent severe breakdowns and to eliminate their effects. The management system policy was defined in the Breakdown prevention program. The internal emergency plan is a manual specifying measures to be taken in the event of probable breakdowns. The basic procedures regarding ongoing monitoring of the safety system are set forth in the “Control system affecting the safety in the ORLEN Południe S.A. Group”. The idea for this study was to create a unified control, testing and measurement system for the detection and identification of hazards. The study presents the most important areas in terms of safety and defines the procedures for their supervision.

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