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The Environment

The strategy adopted by ORLEN Południe S.A. and its Subsidiaries states that the Companies aim at becoming innovative organizations recognized as important partners on the markets of products we manufacture and services we provide. We cooperate with Companies from the ORLEN Group, particularly in terms of effective management systems and key business areas. Caring for the condition of our natural environment, we make sure that the protection of all natural elements is always considered in all development processes of ORLEN Południe and its Subsidiaries. We undertake to fulfill all legal and other requirements to be implemented in ORLEN Południe S.A. and its Subsidiaries and regarding our environmental aspects, as well as to systematically prevent and limit negative effects on the environment.

We implement our environmental policy by:

  • manufacturing environmentally-friendly products – production of liquid fuel biocomponents according to sustainable development criteria;
  • protection of the soil-aquatic environment – protection against the leakage of petroleum derivatives to soil;
  • pro-environmental management of postproduction waste – limitation of waste production, segregation, utilization or neutralization,
  • monitoring of technological processes and emissions to the environment;
  • pro-environmental management of raw materials and energy;
  • application of state-of-the-art pro-environmental technologies in production and investment processes;
  • prevention of the occurrence of severe industrial breakdowns;
  • provision of access to parties of interest to information on the effect of ORLEN Południe S.A. and its Subsidiaries on the natural environment;
  • cooperation with subcontractors performing works within the industrial area of the Trzebinia S.A. Refinery in terms of application of corporate environment protection and breakdown prevention standards;
  • promotion of pro-environmental culture, training and systematic raising of employee environmental awareness.


Concern for the condition of the surrounding environment makes the protection of all elements of nature an integral part of the company’s business activity, as well as the development and investment processes of ORLEN Południe S.A.

We undertake to meet the legal and other requirements applicable at ORLEN Południe S.A. concerning our environmental aspects, as well as to systematically prevent and reduce negative environmental impacts, taking into account sustainability criteria. The implemented Environmental Management System in line with ISO 14001 is a tool used to monitor the implementation of the intentions and directions of the Company’s environmental activities declared in the “Quality, Environmental and OHS Policy”.

The activities aim to raise awareness of the workers, their family members and the local community with regard to respect for the environment through various campaigns. For years now, we have organised a Christmas Eve campaign together with the Trzebinia Town and Municipality Office where you get a tree for free if you donate waste paper, which is highly popular with residents of the municipality.

In 2016, the company signed a voluntary declaration to join the Responsible Care Programme. The programme involves numerous actions, including the campaign where you can receive a tree for donating bottles. The campaign combines the benefits of environmental education, social activity, care for the environment and one’s own municipality and is dedicated to pre-school and school institutions in the Jedlicze municipality. The plastic PET bottles collected during the campaign are recycled. The symbol of the recycling of the collected bottles are the trees given to each institution participating in the campaign at the final ceremony.


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