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​The Department of Management Systems, Protection and OHS at ORLEN Południe S.A. performs supervision of occupational health and safety at ORLEN Południe, Companies from its Capital Group and Companies ORLEN Asfalt, ORLEN OIL – Trzebinia Production Plant, all located in Trzebinia. The qualification requirements, tasks and powers of OHS services are set forth in the Ordinance of the Council of Ministers of 02.09.1997 on occupational health and safety.

Due to considerable diversification of supervised entities, pertinent services need not only be familiar with general OHS regulations and labor laws, as well as chemical, construction, energy, environment protection, fire safety, Technical Supervision, ADR, RIS laws and regulations in machine and device service, wastewater treatment plan operation, etc. Following Poland’s accession to the European Union, the Department of Management Systems, Protection and OHS has implemented changes to adapt the machine directive, SEVESO II, ATEX USER and chemical management standards in the Polish legislation.


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