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ORLEN Południe supports chemical profile education


ORLEN Południe company, as one of the largest employers in Podkarpacie, has established co-operation with Michalicki Upper Secondary School Complex in Miejsce Piastowe. This is a response to the needs of the developing refinery in Jedlicze where, in connection with the planned investments, well-prepared employees of various specialties, able to join the company later on, will be needed.

On 27th September, Michalicki Upper Secondary School Complex in Miejsce Piastowe held the official opening of the chemical laboratory under the auspices of ORLEN Południe. The Company provided financial and logistical support for the adaptation of school rooms to modern chemical laboratories. High-class laboratory equipment and appropriate resources of teaching aids were purchased. Specialists from ORLEN Południe are going to participate in classes to share their knowledge with staff members and pupils of the school, and to share good practices. Moreover, pupils of the class covered by the patronage will be able to acquire necessary skills during work placement.
The support for chemical and technical vocational training is dictated by new investments of ORLEN Południe which need a solid personnel base. The Company is preparing for the construction of the unit for production of second generation bioethanol in Jedlicze. A contract was officially signed for the purchase of license and the base project of this investment in Trzebinia in September this year. Capacity of the planned unit will amount to 25,000 tons of bioethanol per year. It is going to be produced from non-food raw materials, mainly straw, supplied by Polish farmers. This will allow for exploitation of the potential of local agriculture in the south-eastern region of Poland. The Company is considering that a biogas plant and a biogas and lignin fired CHP plant should also be part of the complex. Establishment of this modern complex is going to strengthen Poland’s position in the field of new generation biofuels.
Fr. Bronisław Markiewicz Michalicki Upper Secondary School Complex in Miejsce Piastowe was founded in 1903 and enjoys a reputation among upper secondary schools today. Currently, it educates almost 750 pupils in 11 different class profiles. Since this year, one of the courses has been chemical technology technician, established in co-operation with ORLEN Południe. Seventeen pupils started education in the prestigious class under the auspices of the company.

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