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ORLEN Południe invests in agricultural biogas plants


​ORLEN Południe purchased to plots in Głąbowo in the Ryn commune, taking over a commenced agricultural biogas plant construction project. The company will continue the investment, converting the installation into a biomethane production plant manufacturing about 7 million m3 of biogas a year. The project is complementary with the new strategy of the ORLEN Group by 2030, assuming the construction of an economically and energy-efficient system of renewable energy sources.

- We are pursuing innovative business, which will allow the ORLEN Group and the Polish economy to develop in a sustainable manner. As the first petroleum concern in Central Europe, we have declared emission neutrality by 2050. This is an ambitious goal. Within this decade, we will invest more than PLN 25 billion in projects with positive impact on the environment, which will put us in a leading position in the process of energy transformation in Central Europe. Biogas investments implemented by ORLEN Południe are part of the ORLEN2030 strategy. These projects will strengthen the competences and the market position of ORLEN Południe, which will strengthen the entire ORLEN Group - says Daniel Obajtek, the President of the Management Board of PKN ORLEN.

ORLEN Południe, which has been successfully developing a new business line in the area of biogas production, had already acquired a modern biogas plant in Konopnica in the Rawa Mazowiecka municipality. In turn, in Głąbowo, Orlen Południe purchased two plots of 1.36 ha and 0.23 ha, together with the commenced construction of a biogas plant of 1 MWe. The company intends to carry out this investment, assuming its expansion to approx. 3 MWe. Construction works are planned to commence in the first quarter of this year. They will be conducted by PROEKO from Witaszyce. The biomethane produced in the installation could be pumped to the gas network at ca. 7 million m3 a year. The completion of the investment is planned for the end of 2022.

- Our biogas program relying on the production of biogas purified to reach biomethane parameters and pumped into a distribution network will have great impact on achieving the National Index Target. Our biomethane will be used in the production of biohydrogen. In these areas, ORLEN Południe intends to pioneer the domestic market - says Marcin Rej, the President of the Management Board of ORLEN Południe.

The properties in Głąbowo provide a beneficial location from the point of view of the available of biogas production substrate. The purchase of land for the construction of a biogas plant is the next step in the process of creating a new ORLEN Południe line of business - biogas production. This will assume the construction of new installations and the acquisition and modernization of existing facilities. The first biogas plant built by ORLEN Południe will be created in Głąbowo. In December 2020, the company purchased an existing, modern 1.99 MWe farm biogas plant in Konopnica in the Rawa Mazowiecka municipality. It is planning to convert it into a biomethane production plant.


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