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ORLEN Południe – Employee-Friendly Employer


On 24 February 2020, ORLEN Południe was awarded the “Employee-Friendly Employer” certificate by the Independent Self-governing Trade Union “Solidarity”. The certificate award ceremony was held at the Presidential Palace in Warsaw. President of the Company’s Management Board Marcin Rej received the certificate from President of the Republic of Poland Andrzej Duda and Chair of “Solidarity” Piotr Duda.

The “Employee-Friendly Employer” certificate is a very important distinction for ORLEN Południe, confirming that the direction its taken with regard to HR activities is positive, but also motivating the company to seek and implement new solutions to improve working conditions in the years to come.

The Company takes great care to ensure that its employees have the best possible working conditions. This is best shown in the new Corporate Collective Labour Agreement developed together with the social side, which has been in force at the Company since 2019 and guarantees very good remuneration and a great bonus system for each employee.

In the same year, the Company conducted the mapping and profiling of positions in order to better determine the competences and tasks for each employee. The results of this process were correlated with the new development strategy in the Organisational Regulations.
Employees of ORLEN Południe take advantage of various additional benefits on a daily basis. Among others, the company has joined the new medical benefits programme and implemented the MyBenefit cafeteria system which allows its employees to choose non-salary benefits on their own.

The Company participates in the “Family-Friendly Employer” programme of the ORLEN Group. Thanks to this, parents of small children are entitled to an additional day off from work, and parents of all children had an opportunity to show their place of work during open days. During last year’s teachers’ strike, ORLEN Południe supported parents by enabling them to work from home and take care of their children. There were also additional attractions for children, such as trips or Saint Nicholas Day.

Apart from daily activities in the field of occupational health and safety, employees of ORLEN Południe participate in first-aid training on a regular basis and perform free tests during Security Days. They also take part in practical and theoretical training in the scope of safe driving.
“Employee-Friendly Employer” is a competition aimed at promoting employers that stand out when it comes to compliance with the labour law and the right to free association, as well as the principles of occupational health and safety and offer their employees the stability of employment.


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