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Educational workshops with ORLEN Południe


More than two hundred sixth-graders from primary schools from the Jedlicze municipality took part in educational workshops organized by ORLEN Południe.

What is crude oil, how is it extracted and what can you do with it? - these are only some of the questions the pupils would ask during the classes conducted by specialists from the Petroleum and Gas Industry Museum in Bóbrka.

The participants could take a close look at raw petroleum from the Bóbrka mine, or a gas lamp. They learned the history of the amazing raw material called the “black gold” and learned the way, in which it is handled in Jedlicze. They also had the opportunity to touch real elements which are used to extract crude oil, such as a core drilling bit or a sucker rod. The classes were supplemented by knowledge of the founding fathers of the Polish petroleum industry: Ignacy Łukaszewicz, Tytus Trzcielski and Karol Klobassa-Zręcki.

The workshops organized by ORLEN Południe for primary school pupils are part of an extensive educational curriculum developed by the company. A class under the patronage of ORLEN Południe was set up in the Michaliski Upper Secondary School Complex in Miejsce Piastowe, where the company renovated and fit-out a modern chemical laboratory. The company has been continuing its cooperation with higher education facilities and high schools, funding vocational practice and educational classes for pupils and students in the refineries in Trzebinia and Jedlicze.

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