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​PKN ORLEN and Metropolia GZM join forces in developing a hydrogen-based fuel of the future


PKN ORLEN and the GZM Metropolis committed to cooperating in the pursuit of zero-emission public transport fueled by hydrogen. During the Impact mobility rEVoloution, which took place in Katowice, the enterprises signed a pertinent letter of intent. The initiative will facilitate the implementation of hydrogen-based projects in the GZM Metropolis.

Hydrogen is a safe and environmentally-friendly fuel. It is obtained, among others, from renewable energy sources. After it is purified, it can be used in electric vehicles, serving as an alternative to traditional fossil fuels and lithium-ion batteries in the future, particularly in public transport.
According to our strategy, we are contributing to the global trend of developing modern and environmentally-friendly technologies. We are focusing on solutions that utilize renewable energy sources. One of them involves the production of purified hydrogen. Hydrogen powered vehicles are the future of the automotive industry. Pure hydrogen will gain in significance, and we want to have a large share in its overall production. Cooperation with the GZM Metropolis is our response to the challenges connected with smog reduction and improvement of air quality in Poland - said Daniel Obajtek, the CEO of PKN ORLEN.
The letter of intent stipulates the exchange of information, as well as measures involving the preparation of projects devoted to hydrogen supply infrastructure and logistics for implementation. Furthermore, the companies will take measures to promote the use of hydrogen-fueled, low-emission transport in mass transit in the GZM Metropolis.
One of our priorities is to reduce low-stack emission and to promote pro-ecological solutions, particularly in the area of public transport. Vehicles driving for the GZM Metropolis make more than 100 million kilometers a year, which makes us one of the largest mass transit companies in Poland. This is also a significant challenge for testing and implementing new solutions which may revolutionize the automotive industry in the foreseeable future. Hydrogen has a large potential, which is why I am very pleased to be developing this technology with PKN ORLEN - stressed Kazimierz Karolczak, the President of the Management Board of the GZM Metropolis.
PKN ORLEN has already decided to build a hydrogen purification installation which will be used to fuel electric cars and buses in and outside the GZM Metropolis. The installation will be built in the Trzebinia plant belonging to ORLEN Południe. Production of hydrogen fuel is planned to commence in 2021.
PKN ORLEN has already set up two points for charging hydrogen-fueled cars in petrol stations in Germany. The drivers of passenger cars in the Czech Republic will be able to charge their vehicles too. In the upcoming year, UNIPETROL from the ORLEN Group will commence the construction of three hydrogen stations situated in Prague, Litvinov and Brno.

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